About breast repair


This is an interesting and controversial subject. There are so many factors involved So the articles are exciting and the next step mindblowing

The starting list of factors
Ancient chinese wisdom says breasts can be enlarged with massage. This is confirmed now with recent research. Breasts can also be made smaller. Skin can be improved. We are not exactly sure exactly how much affect massage and various other treatments will have, but this website is about sharing available information and conducting the research to find out how much improvement can be accomplished. Breast cancer can be reversed so there is no reason to lose your breasts! The site relays only information about natural methods. They have been in use for hundreds of years and can be relied upon to achieve the desired result with no side effects.

This also is what this website is about

We are talking about breasts on this website
Breasts are a very attractive part of the female body and to the woman they are vitally important in the process of attracting the male and then in feeding the child. The female has a role which should be sacred to all and above all misinterpretation and unseemly discussion and conduct. This is a very serious site aimed at helping women with their problems in relation to breasts and of course they cannot be separated from the the total female makeup. There are powerful established links with the brain, the hormonal system and general body metabolism.

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