Other beneficial substances

Other beneficial substances

Now this is interesting! There are around 400 known substances that are beneficial and most are quite deadly to cancer cells but it is dangerous in the extreme to rely on any one of them. If you know anybody who has had breast cancer you will know how dangerous it is. Even the ones who lose their breasts often die very soon or in a few short years. So add as many of these substances as you can to your daily routine but on top of the alkaline diet program. these substances will then speed the progress.

We all have cancer cells at some time anyway. It is just a sugar eating cell and of course your own body turns many other foods into a sugar. As we get our energy from burning glucose. Cancer cells are simply those that have lost their direction and cannot remember how to do anything except reproduce. this is put rather simply but is fact established 60 years ago.

We are listing a number of the substances and methods suggested but this is a student website and so we are encouraging you to study and find out all about your ailment. Do not hate it because hate is acid forming but love it and feed it on all the healthy things. you are doing it a favour because you will replace it with a healthy cell and remember all cells have to be replaced regularly. Some daily some weekly or monthly and so on depending upon what type of cell it is. The human body is truly a wonderful collection of cells. All your findings will lead you to the same conclusion and you will have no fear.

The list of beneficial substances will be added to regularly in this website and also in the website beneficialsubstances.com. This information comes from a 20 year study where everything has been tried and tested. You may think 20 years is a long time but we are still students excited about learning how to preserve our lives and enjoy them in excellent health. There is still much to learn.

The most important part of this study is to eat only foods which will make your body alkaline until you get rid of the cancer.

Then start using some of the following substances.

1 Throw away your toothpaste and use sodium bicarbonate or baking soda. Just have a sip of water and dip your brush in the baking soda. Brush all the teeth and gums carefully with a soft brush. You can swallow the lot. It will leave a slightly salty taste in the mouth and an alkaline residue in the stomach. Your teeth and gums will become healthier. This is not the best cleaning method but the most healthy method. Good news coming soon on healthy whitening.

2 Breast cancer is often related to thyroid dysfunction and the primary supplements to help the thyroid are Iodine and selenium. Visit your health food store and see a naturopath. They will put you straight on this one as correct balance is needed. Sea animals and vegetables both provide sources of iodine.

3 Once again the thyroid connection is strong so also visit thyroidbook.net for lists of suitable supplements. The thyroid is known to be badly affected by sugar and wheat, that is all wheat including where it has been used as a filler in processed foods even skin cosmetics.


From a discussion in Linkdin June 2015 comes the following information.

Breast Cancer Tip: Studies indicate that Broccoli Sprouts more effective than drugs for killing cancer cells…
Breast Cancer Tip: Studies indicate that Broccoli Sprouts more effective than drugs for killing cancer cells…

Check out my post below for details. Alternative therapies are effective and can work but your parasympathetic nervous system must be activated in order for optimal healing to occur. De stressing and relaxing is key. Try meditation and Qi Gong to get your mind and emotions in the right place. Detox, correct nutritional deficiencies (esp iodine, D3, b12, minerals in general) with some smart whole-food supplementation, include probiotics and enzymes in your regime and consume an easy-to-digest living-foods diet. Hope this basic information helps a bit and Be Well. Consider sharing to get the word out. http://www.topgamehealth.com/kims-blog/broccoli-sprouts-vs-breast-cancer/

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Broccoli Sprouts vs Breast Cancer: Just Another Way to Kick Cancer’s Butt
Broccoli sprouts contain a high concentration of Sulforaphane, a type of phytochemical that is particularly effective at fighting cancer by mobilizing the body’s cancer-fighting forces and activating cancer-fighting enzymes that protect our cells.
So what’s a phytochemical anyways?
Phytochemicals are in all plants. They are they chemicals that help prevent the plant form getting disease by way of cellular protection. They also promote antioxidant activity. When we eat fresh plants we receive those benefits as well, and the phytochemicals help us fight disease within our bodies. This is one of the reasons why we should eat fresh, uncooked produce every day and why eating “Raw” is becoming so popular for those with health ailments and those seeking optimal health.
This particular phytochemical, Sulforaphane, helps mobilize the body’s cancer-fighting resources. In animal models, the compound has been shown to prevent breast cancer by turning on enzymes that protect cells. In fact, the humble broccoli sprout was shown to be so amazingly effective at inhibiting cancer cells that the prestigious John Hopkins tried to maintain a patent on them so that they could reap the rewards of their amazing cancer-fighting capabilities. The patent didn’t last however as the courts ruled that finding nutrients did not create the right to patent a food practice that had already been in existence. Lucky for us. We have this healthy, effective, accessible and low-cost tool at our disposal.
Studies are showing the daily consumption of about a cup of broccoli sprouts to be as effective as patented medications for breast cancer and the only side effects posed by broccoli sprouts are positive ones. What’s so special about broccoli sprouts is that they contain a LOT of this particular phytochemical, Sulforaphane, and it’s VERY effective at fighting cancer. Sulphoraphane content is much, much higher in broccoli sprouts than in the mature broccoli plant. In 1992 researchers at Johns Hopkins found that the sulforaphane  content in 3-4 day old broccoli  sprouts to be 20 times more concentrated than in mature broccoli. Also, keep in mind the sprouts need to be CHEWED for this phytochemical chemical to be activated.
How do I incorporate these into my diet?
They can be added to soups, stir-frys, wraps, etc… but if your looking to get over a cup a day into your system- a great therapeutic dosage if your fighting cancer- consider addling them into a smoothie. The delicate sprouts are not “meaty” enough to be juiced but they certainly can be blended. To retain the most nutrients, just blend briefly so as not to kill off nutrients from excessive oxygenation caused by the friction cerated from blending.
How do I get my hands on broccoli sprouts?
Broccoli sprouts can be sprouted at home for about 25 cents a cup and in about 4-5 days. Buy USDA organic seeds or ISGA approved seeds. You can either find them at your local health food store or you can purchase in bulk online at a cost of approximately $20/lb. 1 Tablespoon of seeds will yield 2 cups of sprouts. You can also find them already sprouted at the grocery store, but be cautioned that non-organic sprouts are treated with chlorine to kill potential bacteria so it’s not only cheaper, but also safer, to sprout your own.
Did I mention it’s also fast and easy? Sprouting is disgustingly easy and it’s rewarding to grow such powerfully healthful food in such a short about of time. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! I love hearing about your sprouting adventures!
Check out John Robbins site for a reputable source to purchase organic broccoli seeds.