Breast repair covers a number of topics from enlarging or reducing the size of the breasts to repairing damaged, marked or removed breasts.The size of the breasts can be changed and the methods are covered precisely in text from the Taoist books on the health of the body. We have tried it on a few occasions and it is very effective. There does seem to be a relationship between the existing size and the natural or designed size for that woman. So working towards the designed size is always easy and working away from it is harder but results are achievable. By the time a young woman develops breasts there are always many nutritional and growth factors which can cause the size and shape of the breasts to vary from the perfect shape for that person.

The basic method you can study for yourself on the net or through the Taoist books. The interesting factor of course is that the books define the practice of changing size as a do it yourself program and it is quite difficult so most ladies prefer it to done by their massage therapist. It is still relatively hard work and effective results are best achieved through regular application of the massage. So that takes us back to relationships and the application of this work within a relationship is perfect. It is is then loving, caring and understanding and will achieve positive results.

An important note is for both the therapist or partner and the subject to understand the interrelation of the body parts and sometimes the preceding events or trauma which has led to the need to effect the repairs in the first place. Abortions or child loss for example can cause the breasts to sag or flatten against the chest and the rational depletion of their connection with the reproductive cycle. This creates a feeling of inadequacy in the subject who will gain self confidence from the lifting of the breasts. It is notable that the loss of shape reflects the disappointment of the breasts in not being able to fulfil the function for which they were designed at that time. So the process of repair should include a conscious love of the breasts and regular massage motion as part of the treatment which reconnects the breasts with the reproductive system in the body. Within the natural woman this is a complete and coordinated primary system of function and needs to be respected.

Other aspects and forms of repair can be envisaged and although we have not done it yet there is strong belief that repair results can be achieved naturally with regular work and preferably by thee partner in this process. Where one or both breasts have been removed we believe it feasible to try to restructure the breasts naturally to regain the female confidence and completeness. Such action will require dedication and ardor on the part of the partner but there are applicable methods available. The first thing of course is to totally remove all traces of cancer which the doctors rarely achieve and then request the study material which will detail the methods. A powerful nutrition plan includes all raw foods for three to eight weeks according to the healthy condition of the subject. Here the joining of our help or mentoring membership program will be a positive move.

We do realise that much of this discussion is beyond the previous comprehension of most readers. We have been there and witnessed much of what we discuss and are happy to answer blog questions on the subjects. Or you may contact us by email for more information.