Breast cancer can be reversed

Fight breast cancer before you lose your breasts

Some ladies would rather die than lose their breasts

That is a fact but you do not ever need to lose your breasts to save your life. We have seen and heard many stories about the reversal of breast cancer and so we will regularly post stories and articles about this fact. We then wish to invite ladies who have come through breast cancer without disfigurement to tell their stories. We are further confident that reversal can happen in any case. It can be a tough process and many ladies will need powerful support but it has been done thousands of times and can be done again. After all losing your breasts is often just another step to losing your life! If you save your breasts you will also save your life.

Fact is under normal circumstances the body has more than one cancer location by this time because the biopsy, that is used to identify the malignant nature of the cancer, will often cause the cancer to spread throughout the body. So the patient needs to take action against all the cancer. Not just the breast cancer. In 1931 Otto Warburg was given the Nobel prize for identifying that cancer actually is the replacement of oxygen respiration with sugar fermentation in the cell feeding program. Scientists have come up with many other explanations since but what they are finding is trigger mechanisms. The real cause of cancer is basically in our food, just as Otto stated, although stress and pollutants can lower the threshold to make it easier for cancer to get a foothold. Most people have some level of stress these days.

So how do you fight it?

Well basically the human body does not support cancer if it is in an alkaline state. So the first part of the plan is to immediately get the body into an alkaline state. There will be more about that. Then also from what we noted before, the cancer cell likes sugar and not oxygen. So give it what it does not like and that is oxygen then deprive it of sugar. The real cells will love it as well. Then believe it or not there are around 400 specific substances which are regarded as cancer killers. Many have been made illegal but they are natural and so they are still there and you can still get them. We will tell you where and how.

The practical methods of achieving a more alkaline state in the body also at the same time assists the detoxification of the body. This is necessary to get rid of as much of the toxic collection mentioned in the page on causes, as possible. It will also help to control weight gain which also brings about further need for detoxification. There are a number of methods of restoring quality function of the thyroid. The thyroid is highly connected to the breasts as the hormonal balancing organ. Go to for this information. Remember for thousands of years breasts only had occasional oestrogen pressures from plant material and then almost no pressures from sugary substances. Now they have some 780 chemicals out of 82,000 which have taken up residence in the average body, many of which are Oestrogen mimicking and also stacks of sugar to spike the oestrogen along.

There are some detailed study items which will be revealed later, mostly because they are not good to take or use while the body is still full of toxins. So now read the specially written articles about causes and methods of reversal. If you need to contact us do so. WE wish to help as many ladies as possible. The basic information on how to do it is free. You can opt to join a mentor program which does include a fee. No sales hype! Just an honest promise of assistance through the experience to a point you will never worry about losing your breasts again.

Next page is about alkaline.