women empowerment reversing the world tendancy to relegate the woman to any position less than her deserved state


With a base established, women are able to go out into the world, prepared to handle any challenge with skills, confidence and grace. In the forefront, they become agents of peace and positive social change for themselves, their families, other women and their society. With education, understanding and constant awareness they are ready. Our small role in education is to identify some of the less well known the attackers. Logically and honestly expose lies and liars who seek to undermine the strength and grace of the woman.

Many lies are in the medical world, the products for women and the presentation of women on the seamy side. Needs they be exposed and defused.

Breast cancer was one. It is now exposed for what it is. An eating disorder, easily rectified. And we should spare a thought for those who have lost their lives unnecessarily to satisfy the greed of others.

Lets move on to the others! Coming soon on other websites,

the real facts

Christians see the body as a temple so the female is the foundation, the framework and the end beauty. Bearing and caring diplomats. There were so many wonderful attributes to be easily desecrated. It was not intentional as women was the foe but came from greed. The theory of caring is watered down by cries of look out for yourself from the media.

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