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Hormones and breast cancer

Breast cancer and the connection with hormones gives some of the clues on how to work with the cancer and prevent it coming back. Conventional cancer cures do not address the hormonal imbalance so it is understandable that the return of cancer becomes imminent.

Estrogen Dominance is the term coined by the late John R. Lee, M.D., author of a number of books on the topic of women’s hormones. His theory of Estrogen Dominance describes the condition where a woman can have deficient, normal or excessive estrogen but has little or no progesterone to balance its effects in the body. So even women with low estrogen levels can suffer from estrogen dominance symptoms if they do not have any progesterone. Basically estrogen dominance as a term reflects directly on hormones that have gone out of balance. Out of balance hormones can affect women from 14 to 94.

How do we become estrogen dominant? The SAD diet (standard american diet) food chain is laced with growth hormones, toxic pesticides, herbicides and a plethora of endocrine-disrupting chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body. If we are overweight, a body’s store of excess fat can be converted into estrogen. Insulin resistance also leads to estrogen dominance and it clearly results from the same causes. Then there is estrogen found in birth Control pills, ERT, HRT and other female support pills.

It sounds strange but Estrogen dominance also occurs in men. As men age, estrogen gradually rises, while saliva levels of progesterone and testosterone gradually fall. It is quite common to find men of fifty having higher saliva estrogen levels than women of the same age! Men with a tendency to develop breasts are showing signs of estrogen dominance.

This common imbalance of hormones in human bodies results in hormone-related health problems such as weight gain, increased blood clotting, thyroid dysfunction, PMS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility, post-partum depression, and worse still, breast and uterine cancer in women and breast cancer, prostate problems and prostate cancer in men.

Estrogen Dominance can be detected by taking a saliva test. This simple test can accurately reveal hormone levels. Men and women can take this simple at home test to check hormone levels.

The results of this saliva test evaluation will indicate that a man or woman should take action to restore balance to their hormones if required. If over 50 all at risk can take an annual saliva test to keep track of their hormone levels.

Men and women experiencing hormone imbalance can feel constantly sick so bringing balance back to their hormonal system is often a key to their overall wellness. There are many safe natural alternatives available to drug therapies. Women and men must become more informed about their own hormone health and its causes and reversal therapies. The detail of this particular cause indicates the method of reversal and that is elimination of the imbalance through nutritional reform and sometimes supplementation with progesterone. Se articles on alkaline diets.

More on cancer reversal

Because of the massive growth in breast cancer statistics, there’s been an explosion of life-saving treatment using natural and herbal medicine, bringing new faith and excitement. No longer only one or two options, today there’s an overwhelming menu of treatment choices fighting the complex mix of cells in each individual cancer. Aggressive research, innovative new mix of therapies, and experienced cancer practitioners of conventional treatment work can provide each patient with a personalised treatment plan, based on their known condition.

There is for example one natural cancer fighting strategy that when used alone or when coupled with conventional treatments can kill your cancer. Now this is a fact and if you have cancer it is worth spending a few minutes studying all the options. This potentially is a life changing expenditure of time and effort. This article details some very interesting information and you should read it all and in fact not simply skim over it or skip around from section to section – but read it word for word. There is some cancer fighting information here. You won’t want to miss a thing.

Just finding out that you or a loved one has breast cancer can be absolutely terrifying. However, once you understand the causes of breast cancer or any cancer for that matter and learn how to reverse the actual causes, you or your loved one can have more than a fighting chance of beating breast cancer completely. Unfortunately, these strategies can’t help everyone survive, unless a total application is followed.Cancer is serious and the causes have been doing their work for man-years.

Now, as you have chosen to read this report completely – this means something!

1. You do want an aggressive approach to elevate your chances of survival beyond the expected.

2. You already realise conventional treatments may not work and you have seen many cases where even disfigurement has failed to arrest the progress of the cancer. and it can potentially harm your body, damage your health and cost a fortune into the bargain.

A Breast Cancer Survivor says that I fought cancer everyday…and I never gave up!!

We know you are fighting for your life. At Cancer Treatment Centers and our mission is to arm you with every choice and offer you every chance.

If you choose alternative cancer treatments you are choosing treatments which will counter the underlying causes of cancer, help relieve pain, reduce side effects and help the immune system to more effectively fight the disease.

What exactly is this cancer?

Research tells that cancer cells are being created in the body constantly. It’s an ongoing process that apparently has gone on for centuries or longer. So the immune system has standard components whose job it is to seek out and destroy cancer cells.

Cancer is not a mysterious disease. It does not suddenly attack you out of the blue, and is certainly not something that you can’t do anything about. It has established causes, and follows a predictable path and the logical correction is to remove the causes and to do that before it is too late. Some sufferers though have reversed the condition when doctors thought they only had a week or less to live. Furthermore it has very little to do with genetics because it is reversible in any body. The genetic connection comes from a sensitivity to the disease which is created by living the same lifestyle as the forbears.

How we came across this disease?

Cancer has been part of life since time immemorial, but only in the second half of the 20th century did the number of cancer cases begin to grow exponentially. Our changing lifestyle patterns have been contributing to this explosion with the huge amounts of toxins and pollutants we are exposed to, high stress factors that zap the immune system, poor quality junk food that’s full of pesticides, irradiated and now genetically modified, pathogens, electromagnetic stress, lights and just about anything that wasn’t around 200 years ago. All these weaken the immune system, and alter the internal environment in the body to an environment that promotes the growth of cancer.

Cancer tumours begin when more cancerous cells are being created than an overworked, depleted immune system can destroy.

Constant exposure to tens of thousands of manmade chemicals from birth onward, chlorinated and fluoridated water, electromagnetic radiation, pesticides and other toxins, seen as the presence of too many free radicals and excessive numbers of cancerous cells.

This alone will definitely raise cancer levels, but if you add this to an immune system already weakened by a diet of refined and over processed food, foods coming from mineral depleted soils, and excessive exposure to artificial lights, the immune system no longer is able to keep cancer in check and it starts to grow in randomly in your body.

So to avoid the opportunity of repeating myself the factors in cancer reversal are. And if you stick to them they will work!!

1.Kill the cancer cells naturally and safely without harming your body by following the following general guidelines.

2.Normalising pH Levels will stop cancer. It is widely known in medical fields that people dying from cancer always have an acid body, never alkaline. Get on to for instructions on alkaline body condition. This is as critical to the repair job as wheels are to a car. Rarely will any other so called cancer cure work when the body is acid. So if you fix the all the faults in a car it will still not go without wheels.

3.Increasing Oxygen Levels in your body and in your cells will kill and stop the march of cancer cells. Get onto Oxygen. to find out all about oxygen therapy and avoid all sites which tell you about this amazing liquid but do not tell you what it is. Of course it is Hydrogen Peroxide and it does help heaps but only in a very small number of cases will it complete the job on its own. Do not risk this as time is very important.

4.Eliminating Candida And Fungal Irritations is also quite important and to do this you need again to address the sugar component of your diet. Then take a powerful probiotic such as Grainfields BE mixture, One bottle week for six to eight weeks. More about this on probiotics…………com

5.Increasing enzyme levels in the body go to enz,…………. com helps wipe out cancer

6. Reducing stress is next and you will find the answers on stress…….com stress on our bodies and the overload of toxins, what you get is a malfunctioning immune system and a body that is not capable of destroying the excessive numbers of cancerous cells that develop. Some, sooner or later, survive and multiply. And then you have cancer.

7.Reducing Toxic Overload What needs to be done is to strongly and dramatically interrupt and reverse these cancer-causing conditions so that the body becomes healthier,

8.Free Radical Scavengers Protect Cells From Damage

4.Getting Methylgyloxal Back Into Cells Puts The Brakes On Cancer Cell Growth

10.Raising The Vibratory Level In The Body Disrupts Cancer Growth

11. get plenty of sleep in total darkness or as close as possible including before midnight. Research shows that the immune system needs 9 1/2 hours of sleep in total darkness to recharge completely from a point of ill health, It is different when you are healthy and active you will need less.

This report acts like a suggestion to you. The most important things you can do for your health is to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. But much, much more potent.

A natural and herbal approach to cancer is based on making the body healthier. This alternative cancer strategy is to strengthen a depleted, worn out, under energised immune system that is not capable of killing cancer cells as fast as they are multiplying.

You will learn about safe and effective supplements that deal with each cancer weakness mentioned in the web site. Products that can defeat cancer as they get at the underlying causes of cancer. That can work on any and every cancer.