Final steps getting rid of breast cancer

The final steps. After you have done all the right things and you know you have done it. Cleanse the body, detox, accumulate meaningful nutrition, get the hormones balanced, feel the energy, feel the thought patterns amplifying to positive, clear and productive. You feel alive after so many months of fear and trepidation. Is there a tiny reservation that cancer will come back and win after all? Well forget it. Cancer type cells can always be there but now you have total control and to put the finishing touches to what you have already done well, just adjust the frequency of your body. cancer hates the wrong frequency just as much as all the other things you have thrown at it. It will clear any remaining cancer cells and now that you know how to deal with them you can do so for the rest of your life.

There has been much written about the frequency and there are frequency generators available from many places. If you cannot find one we can put you on the right track. There are many things you should know about the frequency generators including the one invented by Rife many years ago.

They do clean the blood and that is to many of us the prime reason for using them. Blood samples between standard glass sample sheets last a few days at most before the life of the blood ends. After a few long sessions on the Rife it can last up to one month. But be warned the frequency generator can multiply the effect of many things in the body up to thirty times the normal effect. A puff or two of Ventolin for example before going on the Rife can cause the skin up the insides of the legs to become scaly like a realy old person with poor circulation. Coffee before the Rife can make it hard to sleep for days. So if you are on our mentor program we can suggest the right study material to take you through this safely. But the fact is it works and will kill cancer cells. All of them. Any type and any number. Ask questions to find out more.

Watch the website for many updates over the next years.