The part played by the mind

The fascinating part

For the purpose of this website we will try to keep this section concise but it is far from that. Everybody knows the intricacy existence but most information is illogical and incorrect. This study information is as close a connection to the right track as we can find.

The first problem in modern times is the rapid change in the way of living and he effect of technology. The fact is that there is a strong connection with previous generations at the cellular level and as far back as seven generations. Generations back this did not really matter as the living patterns in generations were similar. Except where feudal conditions fragmented society obviously. Relationships between parents and children. personal function in life, role of the elders, authority levels in the growing stages and respect and responsibility. Wow would it not be wonderful to go back to that? Today many of the old values have been eaten away. First the industrial revolution and now the technological revolution. Travel technology also has changed everything. So the cell memory factor does effect our subconscious and every now and then you will make a decision which you are not happy with. Which does not seem to be you! It can come from the subconscious overruling the conscious. Think about it. Question it. Think back to your ancestry and imagine if there is an influence. Fear, uncertainty, overprotective decisions. We will cover as many of the accepted answers to reversal of subconscious blockages as possible in later websites.

So firstly the family connection has suffered and needs to be restored. Many think it is good enough but it rarely has that powerful cohesion that is the topic of the odd movie. It is some thing we dream about but can work towards. Family is the life connection which gives comfort. It can never be replaced with possessions. Concentrate on how you can restore that wonderful institution and how much better it will make your life if you do. As a woman your primary function in life is creating and caring for family. If situations in life are alien to your purpose establish in your mind ways of reversing them. Check out . That explains the folly of antagonism for any reason and after all most reasons are created by selfishness and that is created by the media or peer pressure. If you beg forgiveness of someone who you know you have never harmed, you may trigger a cSo hange in them that closely meets your dreams. It is worth a shot and what does it cost you? nothing really!

Then there is in a woman an intricate energy connection between their female purpose parts. So many occurrences in life which involve one part will affect others. This can often be extended by hormonal imbalance which is basically an eating disorder. For example the breasts are excited by an oncoming pregnancy. termination or loss of that pregnancy will cause deflation. So the restoral process involves loving the breasts specifically and as part of the reproductive system. Then rebuilding using methods described in this website needs to involve the whole reproductive system as well as the breasts themselves. How logical is that? There is nothing mysterious and the restoration of optimum hormonal function comes from nutrition, chakra balancing and other methods described later in the website.

So watch for updates. There is much more coming. Get excited and if you are young check out the teen channels starting with weightbookforteens.