Some information about hormones


‘Lifestyle is a major player in many aspects of woman’s health, and that includes keeping hormones balanced. Hormones are proteins or steroids that are secreted directly into your bloodstream, playing a role in many body functions such as every aspect of reproduction, fertility, metabolism, sexual function, fluid regulation, weight regulation and stress management. The endocrine system includes glands such as the pituitary, hypothalamus, pancreas, thyroid and parathyroid, medulla, adrenal cortex and ovaries which all play a part in the production of hormones and balanced hormones will give you a feeling of completeness and comfort in life, unless you have major problems with communications with others or physical damage. Your sex drive will be adequate, digestion will be good, you will sleep well and life will be an absolute buzz.

From here it is easy to see that the list of contributing organs is vulnerable and there are no prizes for guessing the main offender in damaging or compromising the health of these organs. Thats right it is food. Pure and simple. Then you will say no it is stress but if you eat well enough your brain will be in great shape and handle stress easily. Ok oversimplified slightly but very accurate for most people. So what happens when they are out of balance. Many things can happen but common ones are polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. These conditions are not just happening. they will occur over a period of time and the symptoms are less important but noticeable. Endometriosis for example can be an advance warning along with dry skin, hair loss itchiness and more.

They are coming from lifestyle factors and of course prescription drugs rarely help and often complicate the situation. Menopause can be quite harrowing if the hormones are out of kilter but you will hardly notice it when you are healthy. How many of you know teenage girls with some of these problems and early signs are weight instability, premature breast enlargement, lack of shape in body growth, even occasional bouts of suicidal thoughts. And so on. We will get around to drawing up a complete list soon. So the cumulative physiological effects of stress, poor nutrition and lack of exercise compromise overall health as well as sexual and reproductive health. Sorry to be so blunt but it is a fact and the sooner you accept it the sooner you can start recuperating. I know you can try this pill and that or wait for the inevitable breakthrough which cures everything. In the meantime you will notice all treatments are helping the symptoms but not the problem.

So when your female hormonal imbalances are effected by stress response. The heavier the stress load, the more your cortisol levels become unbalanced. Cortisol is your primary stress hormone, it is a primary hormone in all aspects, helping you convert food into energy, normalise blood sugar, respond to stress and maintain your immune system’s inflammatory response. Now it is time to do something about it besides popping pills. While the previously mentioned lifestyle mistakes do contribute to your condition, making the necessary changes will take some time and you have to be very serious. So get some therapy such as Reiki to soothe the nerves and maybe a nice massage from a remedial masseur who is a little gentle. Go to the internet and spend a couple of days of your normal internet time checking out the many aspects of raw food and the results you can expect. Set a time frame and try it. Maybe a week or ten days to start with. Watch your weight go down and your energy go up. You may have some detoxing going on so if you have a few days of feeling poorly do not worry, it is normal.

As you now know when your cortisol levels become unbalanced due to stress, this in turn deregulates your female hormones and that is not good so for a period avoid emotional stress as much as possible, dietary stress is the ingestion of substances which you know will leave your tummy feeling awful even though you appear to enjoy it while you are eating it. Avoid situations at your job. Avoid additional financial decisions which are stressful. Try to communicate with family in a calm and helpful way to avoid confrontation. Avoid toxins from pollution, plastics, sprays and especially cheap female cosmetics.

Treating hormone problems requires a whole-body approach, one that addresses the excess stress and unhealthy lifestyle habits that created the hormonal imbalance in the first place. Many attempts are made to replace under performing female hormones with bioidentical hormone therapy but it always fails because you are not addressing the underlying causes of the problem. You are addressing the symptoms again so there is some apparent relief for a short time then the condition reappears.

So let us get into strategies that do work. As I have said before nutritional support is necessary and short but concentrated periods or eating what should be eaten is the best way every time. Go and study raw food diets and pick one for a ten day total syint. Do not cheat and you will feel rotten for the first two days then your energy will reappear better than ever. Symptoms may start to disappear within this time or at least reduce. Go back to your previous diet and the symptoms return. So now you understand what is going on try the ten day stint again. We do have guidance channels coming for this procedure if you need them or would feel more comfortable with it. There is a charge which you will understand. We have no high pressure sale pages. You join if you wish by going to the contact us page. So the next thing is to use the logical tools to address current and past emotional traumas in your life. Prayer, meditation, reiki etc can be very helpful here. Listen to your body and rest when you feel tired . Exercise regularly and conscientiously. Once your lifestyle is healthy, then evaluate and balance your adrenal hormones using natural substances from your favourite health food store. It’s quite important to take this step because weakened adrenals will not allow your hormones to equilibrate properly.


A study has linked soy formula given to babies with uterine fibroids in adults. Uterine fibroids are tumours of the uterus that can cause pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, and fertility problems. Uterine fibroids are the leading cause of hysterectomy. Soy was touted as being very healthy some time back but now information is coming from many trials and tests which confirms it is best avoided except in products where it is naturally fermented. These specific ailments were the focus of the trials but many others can be presumed to be linked.